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Episode 022: What You Need to Know About Progesterone & TTC with Sarah Jane Sandy, CNT

Episode 022: What You Need to Know About Progesterone & TTC with Sarah Jane Sandy, CNT

Why progesterone matters and what you can do to support it.

Sarah Jane Sandy is a functional nutritionist and women’s health expert with a strong focus on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and hormonal health. Sarah is passionate about helping women fix their hormonal chaos, get pregnant, stay pregnant, and finally experience motherhood. For almost 15 years she has been researching and studying how the food we eat and the way we live affects our reproductive system. Sarah works closely with several of the top-rated fertility doctors across the country. She has a master’s level certification in nutrition therapy and has deeply studied functional endocrinology, women’s hormonal & reproductive health, thyroid health, gut healing, and male hormonal health. Sarah works with clients remotely all over the world through 1:1 consultations, as well as through her highly innovative online program, The Fertility Code – an evidence-based, on-demand, 12-week fertility course designed to prepare the body for conception and a healthy, full-term pregnancy. It has helped hundreds of women get pregnant, and stay pregnant. Sarah runs a busy private nutrition practice in Boulder, Colorado and is passionate about using food as therapy; to heal, to transform, to change, and to nourish. She emphasizes the importance of eating whole, real, pastured, wild caught, traditional, nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods, and believes these are the keys to unlocking one’s most vibrant self – preconception, during pregnancy, post-birth and beyond.


Connect with Sarah: Website | Fertility Code Website | Instagram | Facebook

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